Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Perry Update

So guess what this is:

That is a screen shot of some weird website that total dork Perry Eidelbus has redirected all of my links (to him) to.

In other words, if anytime someone on this blog clicks one of the links I've posted to his blog, he blocks access to his site by rerouting the user to - whatever that is.

Check it out, click on Perry's site -

See what I mean?

At first I thought something had gone awry. But I followed my suspicions and found this in the coding of his blog:

Click to enlarge that graphic. Apparently it's just my blog and that - a rather large web forum - that he's blacklisted.

This tactic for sure is somewhat clever and a tad humorous because it can potentially frustrate readers. But still, a little thought reveals how stupid this redirect is.

First of all, if someone was bashing me unfairly, and I actually cared about the opinions of others, I would very much want the basher to link directly to my site. This way clear-thinking readers could make up their own mind as to who is off-the-mark or the bigger a$$hole. Obviously, the prospects of such balanced dialogue induce:

....impalpable shrinkage for Perry Eidelbus.

He hides like a *frightened turtle*!

Secondly, I can, and usually do, paste a sufficient amount of his text right onto my own posts. I'll bet that only a few of my readers even click on the links to his site.

Thirdly, I'm now just going to post instructions on my *Perry posts* as to how one can easily circumvent his *frightened turtle* prophylactic.

It can be achieved by, instead of left-clicking on a link to his blog, *right click* on it. Then copy the shortcut and paste it in a new browser tab or window.

For those of you unfamiliar with this pal punching bag of mine, check out these posts:

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Despite supposedly getting married this clown is as immature as ever. He's getting into all sorts of altercations, yet again. Also,look what I discovered on his Amazon Wishlist:

Fancy pens, a tie clip, cuff links,.....AND LEGO video games!

Wow. I didn't know that geeks could be so metrosexual.


Anonymous said...

1. That's a cool picture of a robot about to rip apart its female part.

2. That lego indiana jones game is sick.

3. I am dumber for reading this post.

4. Who's the moron? If I knew I could just buy a Flip on line, why do I put up with the bullshit of an Americanized one? I should just marginalize myself for that one...

5. Lastly, beach Friday? I think we're in with Jeff and Rob etc.

CaptiousNut said...

LOL at #4.

Read those old posts of mine on Perry. It's some hilarious poop.

Anonymous said...


Leave the poor guy alone. I work with a guy who has not one but two mail order brides (Russian) in his life. One dumped him after sleeping with a co-worker at a company function and the other he has under lock and key. He makes Perry look like a regular "Rico Suave"...


crazy stuff man... said...

If someone offered you 30k to marry (ahem...legalize) a Russian bride - would you do it? The terms were that I would only see her twice - once on the wedding day and once at a photo shoot for the pics to make it look legit. If something happened (got laid) then great but it was not in the contract. The marriage would have to last 4 years.

CaptiousNut said...

Well, first of all there are ethical considerations.

Secondly, 30k after taxes is not that much. So you'll have to get some shady cash transfer. THEN, after the 5K I will require for *hush* money....the windfall won't seem worthwhile!

Have you investigated the legality of this? I am sure there are laws covering it that should give you pause.

But on issues like these I am biased. I was a male exotic dancer in college - and at times I prostituted myself all the way for thousands of dollars. It was degrading, all those women using me for my body....