Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Steve Jobs = Complete Jerk!

So I'm reading this book now, the one EVERYONE is saying I have to read.

I'm about halfway through (it's 700 pages!) and I must say that while I never thought too highly of Steve Jobs before (I had no knowledge of him, and held no opinion on him whatsoever), Walter Isaacson's book paints him as nothing short of the DEVIL himself.

I mean even if 1/50th of what he wrote is true, Steve Job's was one of the biggest a$$holes I've ever seen.

Unless something dramatic happens after he is 30 years old (that I haven't read about yet)...

He was one nasty, self-centered monster.

Furthermore, it's not even like he was a savvy businessman or creative genius (as alleged). He was just single-minded and hellbent on doing his thing no matter what. Anyone can become a titan of industry if they toss marriage, children, MORALITY, etc. out the window.

There's nothing nice at all to say about this jerk.

And it wasn't like I needed yet another reason to hate iMorons...

The only thing I find interesting, and hence the only reason I'm still reading the tome, is the historical aspect of his life. For example, right now the book is covering the NeXT comptuter (epic fail!). I remember vividly how I used one at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, Indiana) back in the summer of 1991.

And then there was this famous commercial which first aired during the *Marcus Allen* SuperBowl:

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