Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I Can Blame Everything On Schools...

Hah! A "bully".

I don't know who Cruz is, but he appears to be some upstart whom the thugs will most certainly smear, relentlessly to the point of Marginalization. This is what they do with any potential rival. And quite frankly, they seem to be undefeated thus far.

Calling people "bullies"...

I've had thug-supporting, eco-pagan socialists call me that before in arguments, political arguments. (I was insisting too much on facts, logic, etc.)

Remember how they, and I mean Big Media constantly referred to GWB?

Why isn't that a form a bigotry? Why is it okay to impugn frat boys?

All this, and I've said it before on this blog, I believe goes back to *school*. That's where the jock/nerd divide begins.

And guess what, I believe it's 100% artificial. I believe it's manufactured by the system - even if unintentional.

Yeah, and as if confiscating people's money, jamming through legislation, and buying off whole constituencies with said money isn't bullying...

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