Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Milestone And A Roadblock

The other day Marginalizing Morons received its 800,000th recorded hit!

Although it is far short of the 1 million hit goal I had set for last year. Whatever. My traffic keeps dropping as the web gets infinitely more crowded and everyone else is gaming the Google search algorithm.

As an exercise in self-entertainment, it just doesn't feel right for me to run around doing guest posts, joining blogging networks, posting in forums, and whatnot just so more people visit my *personal* non-remunerative blog. Nor do I have the time!

The progress of my commercial website endeavor quite frankly sucks. So I'm putting Marginalizing Morons on hold for these quiet two summer months (July and August) and will instead focus my energy on my edu-preneurial pursuits.

In 6+ years of blogging I've never really taken any significant time off. I don't want to say I'm tired of being CaptiousNut because I'm not. There's just too much *noise* in my life these days - too many visitors, too much travel, too many activities, etc....something has got to give.

Fear not my flock, I will most certainly be back. And I probably won't be able to resist breaking my break and posting here and there.

(I'd advise my readers to subscribe to my blog via RSS or email so they don't get frustrated checking this site for my reincarnation. The button to do so in on my right margin, down the page a bit.)


Laura said...

Ah, here's to the concept of "quiet summer months." May yours be this peaceful.

Anonymous said...

we miss you

CaptiousNut said...

And I miss having the *outlet*!

All I can say is peruse the archives and September will be here before you know it.

Heather said...

I miss reading your blog with my morning coffee! Just wanted to let you know my husband agreed to homeschool. (Oh and thanks for the shout-out before you shut 'er down... that makes me happy inside ;)

CaptiousNut said...

Heather, you made my day/week/month!!!

Best of luck....and don't hesitate to ask me any questions for curricula, approach, etc.

I'd love to hear if there was something specific that might have been the main culprit in your decision. For us it was simply seeing the rapid progress from our Kumon book work.

Heather said...

I'm sure it was just my masterful powers of persuasion!

Actually, I don't really know what did it. He agreed with my logical arguments pretty much from the start. He finally admitted his reservations were "purely emotional".

I think it helped that we kept up with his Math work all summer and that Nathan is so far ahead of his grade level in reading. Also I agreed to bring him to the school for Art and possibly Music (each class is once a week). Turns out our district has a homeschool policy that lets students attend on a partial basis and take part in some extra-curriculars. I can live with 1 1/2 hours a week of public school!

Nathan also agreed to start a blog for his writing practice. Maybe our boys can become blog friends.... I know he is more motivated to write when he gets comments.

I will let you know how things go. Thanks for your advice and inspiration thus far!

Kay Jene said...

Hey, I don't think it's because of the internet being crowded. I use to click and read you posts but I no longer receive the emails from your new posts. I only clicked to day because I found an old email through a search and you popped up. I'm glad you did now I can catch up on the last 2months LOL..are you still sending out emails?

CaptiousNut said...

Hi KJ,

I haven't posted in almost two months.

So that could be why you haven't been getting email alerts.

Resuming next week!