Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Swedish Nazis!

Read this:

A little boy was unjustly separated from his parents because of homeschooling.

From July 3 through 10th, Swedish elected officials, journalists, and political activists will gather in Visby, Domenic Johansson's home town, for a major "Festival of Politics." Politicians will be making important speeches, and hundreds of official and unofficial meetings will be taking place. Let’s make sure that the tragedy of Domenic’s separation from his parents is brought to light at this major event. Please sign this petition to Sweden's elected officials and top politicians, to bring these important questions to the forefront during this major political conference.

On June 25th of 2009, officials of Gotland, Sweden boarded a plane bound for India and removed Domenic Johansson from his parents’ custody without a warrant or reasonable cause to believe that he was being harmed. The supposed crime? Choosing to home school Domenic and to delay or decline certain immunizations! Home schooling was legal at the time in Sweden (although it has recently been banned), and historically parents have always been given the option to legally delay or decline immunizations if they thought it in the best interest of their particular child or children. Even if there were a legal issue over homeschooling or using an alternative vaccination schedule, those would NOT have been justifiable reasons to remove a child from his home and loving family where he was healthy and happy.

This child has been away from his parents for TWO YEARS...

Note how sensitive the government, er ALL GOVERNMENTS are about the *sanctity* of vaccinations. If they declare something healthy/necessary don't you dare cross them.

Anytime someone says to me that homeschooling should be illegal here in American I remark that *Hitler agrees with you!*. He banned homeschooling and since then, Germany still hasn't changed the law.

Yeah, Europe is sooooooo much more progressive!

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Anne Galivan said...

You gotta wonder what these people who separate children from their exceedingly responsible and loving parents are going to say on judgement day.