Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Blows

Longtime reader and content provider (via his antics) DrMark was .75 miles (yes, racing) from the finish when the bomb blew.

Biologically, I may even be related to him.  But I won't admit to that in person ever, or again on this blog.

Hearing of the bombing, my son asked, "Is DrMark dead?"

At which point I assured John that he was okay.  I pointed out that there was NO WAY DrMark would be nearing the finish in 4 hours!

Furthermore, I told him that DrMark had 'built-in bomb protection' in terms of his corpulence.

Yes, I kid you not.  Fat guys can run marathons! - though technically he didn't finish this one...

I did read/hear that initially Obama wouldn't  call the incident *terror*.  Figures.  Not that I really care.

I mean some dippy broad yesterday told me she was extremely anxious to see what the President and other politicians would say.


The terrorists don't need to attack us....we're already goners if the public is at all like her.

So what happens next?

Well Boston is going to at the same time, change NOTHING about their naive geo-political stances and they will likely make a huge, perennial deal about this attack in terms of memorials and whatnot.

They will, of course, blame Bush and other preferred bogeymen...


Kevin said...



CaptiousNut said...

Hey Kev,

I would be shocked if they weren't collecting.

You should see all the Arabs in Brooklyn and all the scams they have going on.

WTBleep, everyone is collecting now. Was the bomb triggered by an Obamaphone???

kevin said...

Boy immigration has changed since the early post WWII period. Back in the day the government blocked people who might become a burden to society. My mom’s oldest sister was not allowed to emigrate due to poor eye sight. My dad told me that in order emigrate here he needed a sponsor or a cash hoard roughly equal to $20k in today’s dollar. (Not sure if the green card lotto was available back then) If an immigrant flew the coup and did not pay off his debts during the probation period (not sure how long) the sponsor was held responsible for paying off the debt. My dad’s uncle sat my dad down and told him that he was a man of modest means and had a family of his own and if my dad put him in the poor house by not paying his bills he would turn him in and refuse to sponsor any of his brothers and sisters. And welfare was not an option. Current policies take some of the fire out of the belly of immigrants and cost tax payers too much $

CaptiousNut said...

My grandparents (maternal) had to wait 2 years to get in...

And they both had college degrees.