Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Ghost of Neville Chamberlain

Here's the article.

So we were at church this week in London...

And they offered up a prayer for Ukraine - after the people overthrew the Russian-sympathizing president, PM or whatever he is/was.

And it was embellished by an additional prayer for the actions of the US and Russia.

My wife and I looked at each other and blurted out...."WHAT ABOUT THE BRITS!?!?!?!"

So it's just a *given* that they can't be expected to do anything, amongst their own people?

It's just a given that Ukraine is an American problem?


(I'm not saying whether or not America should get involved over there. Clearly we are involved in more places that we ought to be already. Part of me says "stay out", let the people fight and die for their freedom. That's how we got it. And that's probably the only way to ever achieve a sustainable peace.)

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