Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rec for Color TV Addicts

We don't have a functioning color cable TV here in London...

But somehow I caught a glimpse of this show and we have been watching it online - as you can too.

Apparently it's "all the rage" here in the UK.

And I concur that it's been decent so far - at least in the handful of episodes I've seen.

Here it is - Line of Duty.

BTW, one needs a TV license to even own a television here. And it is cheaper for a black and white TV!!!! ($250 for color, but only about $80 for your antiquated B&W Zenith).


Anonymous said...

Hey C-Nut,

It s been a while, thought i would drop you a line. So you are in London and you visited Amsterdam. I visited back in 1993 as a high school graduation gift from my mom. Place was great. I have a friend out there who was an exchange student and stayed at my house in NH for a year. Not much has changed, still prepping and waiting for the you know what to hit the fan. Stay safe out there and continue to fight the good fight.

CaptiousNut said...

I assume this is Kfell. Thanks!