Friday, August 22, 2014

Re-Opening My Therapeutic Outlet?

Boy am I a Moron.

I walked away from this blog, my baby.

This site brought me so much enjoyment, edification, and non-financial remuneration...

Facebook is really stressing me out. It's just not a place for me. There are just too many fools to bear and it's not appropriate to smack them down.

Well it can be done, but then you have to bear a whole lot more fools trying to save the original fool.

And of course it's in the very nature of Facebook to attract the most...ahem....Marginalizable people. From the get-go it was blogging for dummies, for people who couldn't figure out how to use people whose powers of articulation extend to a single sentence, an cordless cellphone photo, or to merely pushing the Like button.

Here's just ONE of the latest F-book episodes that is driving me back into my own arms:

Okay. So a friend of mine posts this on Facebook. It's a link of 15 people in Ireland clearing the shelves of some local store of Israeli-made products as part of a stupid presumed anti-Israel, pro-Palestine protest. Fine. No big deal.

BUT then one of her family members chimes in which you can see. I fudged out the names but if you saw them you'd see they are both Jewish.

The Moron, her BIL, is clearly way out of line here so I try to very diplomatically call him on it.

I was him expecting to say something like, "Yeah, I guess I don't really know that they are Catholic..."

But instead, his CLARIFICATION, was even further afield.

Do I need to explain this more? Are you a Facebook-type of person?


The profound irony here is that his Jewish guy is trying to call out "Christian bigotry" when all he did was reveal his own bigotry against Christians!

(His next response was a Wikipedia link that asserted 80+% of Ireland was nominally Catholic so he was on solid ground.)

But I don't imagine he would appreciate someone handpicking an action by 15 Jews doing something and extrapolating blame to the entire spectrum of Jews. No he certainly wouldn't.

Another blood-boiling Facebook incident happened yesterday.

Without getting into details, let's just say I was all but lynched in a Christian Homeschooling forum, of all places.

Why? My cardinal sin?

I half-jokingly said:

It is truly amazing how all grandparents today (90% of them anyway) want to do is feed kids and plop them in front of a TV...even from afar!

Seriously. A bunch *moms* went nutso on me for that.

I mean if I'm not safe in THAT group....

I'm just going to have to retreat to my own castle/sanitorium.


bcris said...

You've been gone too long so it would be nice to have your sanity return to the internet.

CaptiousNut said...

I think it's my wife who is really driving me back. She doesn't want to hear my *fulminations* anymore!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I missed you