Monday, March 01, 2010

Go Slow(ly) M O R O N S

My Moronic landlord hounded me today a bit for March rent - with text messages and whatnot. I ignored him until 5pm.

Then I told him strictly that *this was my last month*. In other words, I didn't tell him I was *moving out* or anything. See yesterday's post.

He paused, asked for my intentions *in writing*. I lied and said *sure*.

He probably has it in his empty head that he can rent this place out to someone else - or that he can move into it and invoke some type of homestead right to delay the inevitable foreclosure. Who knows what he's really thinking?

More than likely, he just trying to call what he thinks is a bluff on my part.

So I expect him to hound me for the next few days, asking for written notice. But why should I give him that when he still owes me about $1,100?

I plan on telling him very little, for as long as possible. I'm slow playing my hand right until the end as I did with my eviction proceeding.

Meanwhile, he owes the electric company $500 and they are threatening to literally *turn out the lights*...

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