Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Making It Easier To....Text God!

Recall that a church spire used to legally define the highest point in a faithful community. See - Weed Worshippers.

But now, not only are sky-scrapers throwing shadows on one parish is attempting to pimp out its spire for rent!

Check that number...

The installation of cell phone antennas in church steeples is not unusual. Next door in Hingham, three churches in the downtown area have installed cell antennas in their steeples in recent years: First Baptist Church, Hingham Congregational Church and New North Church.


Taylor Conant said...

The Lutheran church in Newport Beach, CA, installed cell phone antennas inside the massive outdoor cross on the property when they were remodeling the whole facility about eight or nine years ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I would think that this use violates the non-profit status of the church. If not, then I am starting my own religion, and we will worship the gods of radio waves.

This blog sure is getting churchy. As you may know, religion gets real popular in the k-cycle winter. On the other had, you are mid-thirties and that is generally the age when people realize that they are going to get old and die.

So what is your excuse? K-cycle or grim reaper fears?

CaptiousNut said...


In your opinion, if I talk about *windmills* or people on Wall Street who worship wealth, would that also be churchy?

What do you mean by k-cycle?

A couple of years ago I read Will Durant's 11-volume Story of Civilization. Amidst that, I made a mental list of important readings I had to tackle next. At the top of that was the Bible. And last year I read it cover to cover for the first time.

Do I feel like I am getting old? For sure. Do I feel I've wasted a great portion of my life? Definitely.

This blog is a window into my life - it has no grand design other than that. Whatever I'm doing or am thinking at the moment, that's what gets published. It's evolved a great deal in the past 5 years (just click on my archives), and will hopefully continue to evolve - reflecting my personal growth.