Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Psycho Landlord Update

So my plan of dangling dough, offering my landlord a (smaller) rent check in exchange for locking me into a favorable lease through the summer hasn't been going so well.

I haven't even really gotten to the *dangle* point yet and he's already blown his lid to a point of irretrievable stupidity.

He had the *sheriff* serve me with yet another *notice to quit* yesterday, i.e. he's started the process again for an eviction proceeding!

He insists there's still *no auction* scheduled for this house. Is he lying to my face, or does he have better information than I have? I asked for reassurance, I asked yet again to speak with his bank rep. On that point he still refused - *it's none of your business*. The person I contacted at the bank asserted yesterday that the auction was still scheduled, and will be announced any day now in the local paper.

This psycho took a real belligerent tack with me yesterday - banging on my door at 8am demanding my intention to move out *in writing*. But it's only March 2nd. What kind of delusional POS is this guy? He doesn't pay ANY of his bills, yet he's going to (try to) invoke the law to get me to pay him?

Recall he told me he's going to declare personal bankruptcy and yet still has some of my money. I'm just trying to get my own money back, trying to protect myself. What right-minded judge will take his side? And how much is the process going to cost him?

I uncharacteristically kept my cool the whole time, suffering insults, threats, and bald-faced lies. He said that I was *trying to manipulate* him. I withhold the retort that he's *trying to steal from me*.

I've known this clown for over 2.5 years. I've been fully aware how dumb he is. He's proving, without a shadow of doubt, that he's immune to reason - and that he's booked a one-way fare on the fast train to self-destruction.

I told him that this Friday, my wife and I would attempt a civil discussion with him. We have to wait until then because we won't be able to meet with our phantom lawyer until Thursday - that's the BS line I fed him anyway. We'll make this final attempt at *dangling* and rationalization. Should it fail, and it looks dead already, I'm going to declare all-out WAR on this guy. While the only thing he can possibly do to me is attempt eviction....there are about a dozen little tactics I can employ to make his life beyond miserable. Most people tell me to move on and move out. But that's precisely what the criminal Moron wants. I've thought about this long and hard....and come to the conclusion that I am morally obligated to stand up to this bully.

Incidentally, I met a plumber in town yesterday. I faintly remembered him doing some work on my house right when I moved in, in August of 2007.

This plumber and I talked a bit. He told me my landlord still owes him $500. (I'm serious - the scumbag owes everybody money!) While he admitted that he didn't really know my landlord at all, he said one thing that displayed spot-on insight:

Plumber - The guy truly believes the stream of bull$hit that comes out of his mouth.

Indeed. The biggest prevaricators, criminals, and psychopaths all do as well.

UPDATE - While I was typing this up....a UHaul truck just pulled into my driveway driven by my landlord and one of his jabronis! I guess they are going to remove some of their things from the storage facilities. If he's vacating this property, as would be suggested by this act, then perhaps he's not going to fight this foreclosure. Perhaps he's going to save his *personal bankruptcy filing* delay-tactic for when they attempt to foreclose on his residence? That would make more sense. But who really knows? Stay tuned. This is a real nail-biter now! I guess I should be Twittering it...


Curtis said...

Love the vocab:prevaricators, jabronis! I had to look it up. I hope your "moral obligation" does not endanger your family! That would be my only concern with that "psyco".

CaptiousNut said...


I remember the first time I ever saw *prevaricator* in writing.

It was in reference to Wilt Chamberlain, right after he made his *I slept with 100,000* women claim. (BTW, my vivid memory of this has lasted 19 years!)

*Jabroni*....that I learned from my South Philly gumbas - sometime in the mid-late 90s.

Would I fear for my family? Yeah, a little bit, always.

I already had two *police* incidents with him recently. I'm doing my best to de-personalize the animosity. Aside from the incessant lying and thievin'....I should point out that this clown does go to some type of church every week. So that should be reassuring!

Anonymous said...

Cnut, bobby has an open apartment overlooking the lake and near a golf course. No shortages of morons and a free burial plan for wiseasses.
joe c

ps I love reading MM

Anonymous said...

cnut, bobby has an open apartment overlooking the lake and near a golf course. No shortages of morons and a free burial plan for wiseasses.
joe c

ps I love reading MM

Anonymous said...

"I should point out that this clown does go to some type of church every week. So that should be reassuring!"

The Green River Killer was a bible enthusiast. I believe he currently holds the United States record in the "most prolific" category of serial killers. Look it up.

There is good reason not to trust someone on the basis of their so-called christianity. The biggest reason is that since they believe that all of their sins are forgiven, they have no qualms about committing them. Not only that, they can blame the devil. In contrast, the atheist can only blame one person for their crimes: the person in the mirror.

CaptiousNut said...


It's pretty hard to generalize *Christians*, no?