Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Sorry about the low blog output recently, folks.

Been zipping all over the place with the kids and whatnot. Throw in a holiday; a couple HS alumni events; and the increased golf balls hit in warmer weather and it doesn't take much to sap my waking hours...

Last night I was at one of the *hottest* clubs/bars in NYC - Lavo - with the local alumni of my high school. One rich dude picked up the sizable tab. Thank God! A bottle of water there was $8. And a mixed drink was $17!!! Then there were carpaccio appetizers, kobe beef meatballs,....and a whopping turnout of 85 people.

Last Friday I got in line for golf at 4am....and I'll probably do the same tomorrow. I'm in full blown practice mode for my annual 4-5 day tournament in late May (Wildwood, NJ).

I've actually been hitting the ball pretty well - in fact the best I ever have, by far. Short game is coming around too, finally. Tired of bogeys...I'm chipping and pitching my brains out in the backyard EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The kids both got up on two-wheelers this spring. That was exciting. John is playing baseball again and fielding short-hop grounders just like I did at his age....with his chin!

He joined a homeschool archery league which has been pretty awesome. And he recently competed in a big scholastic chess tournament. Long Island, and New York City in general, is a pretty intense chess scene due to *internationalism*. At his first tournament in the fall he went 0-2-1. This time, in the same division, he went 2-2, losing to 8.5 year old and a 9 year old. (John is only 7.33) So all our hard work and DIY, online chess lessons are paying off. Again chess is a delicate game for young kids. So I try not to push it too hard and I think I've done well because John seems to enjoy the tournaments and his weekly chess league more than most others. He's just a very happy child in general.

Alright I'm going to catch 3 hours of sleep now before golf. Sorry again for the low output. I would hope that most of you by now subscribe to this blog on Google Reader so you don't have to keep coming back to the website to see if I've added anything new. Also, all y'all should LIKE my Facebook Fan Page for *bonus content*.


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thought this might interest you

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CaptiousNut said...

It did, thanks.

Curving wiffle balls around the house....that makes sense now.

Check out the aerial view of his tournament-winning shot.