Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Identity....In High Demand!

They did it again!

I got a phone call Saturday afternoon from my credit card company to confirm purchases made somewhere in New Jersey: $240 at Gap Kids, $200 at Champs, etc.

Of course I haven't spent that much money on clothes, collectively, in a couple years.

Obviously someone had my credit card, at least a facsimile thereof, and was on a shopping spree.

Note this is about the third time in the past couple years that we've had this type of fraud on our account. It's the third time we've had to cut up our credit card....and then go and change our account # on a bazillion recurring bills.

And recall there's that guy down in Orlando that tried to take out a mortgage or something in my name.

Champs, the sports store? Gap Kids??? Those aren't exactly places to buy things which can be re-sold for cash.

Draw your own conclusions...

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