Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Abandoning The Canoe?

A few years ago I was hiking up Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire with a buddy of mine...

And we saw a gang of kids(?) that were climbing as well, only they were collectively carrying a canoe up the 3,000 ft peak!

My buddy tried to ask them what the bleep they were doing that for but was intentionally ignored for one reason or another. I confess that I myself have been known to ignore most of the things he says!

I just Googled for the picture above - which may or may not be the losers we walked past at the summit.

Anyways, I was lamenting to my first wife the other day how I haven't had even a spare second to put up some blog posts...

At that she invoked a reference the *story of the canoe*.

"What was that?", I inquired.

FirstWife - It's about the people who use the canoe to cross the river....but once on the other side they leave it behind. The canoe (my blog?) got them on the path they needed to be on, so it was now useless.

It is true that I've reaped untold non-monetary riches from my blogging. Heck, from blogging I came across the whole idea of homeschooling my kids. For that one thing alone it was a boon.

I get up at 4am most days....but I just don't have any time to post anymore - between getting my exercise in, taking care of household stuff, house guests, homeschooling, traveling, golf, and, most importantly, running around everywhere to educational events with my kids.

I'm so busy now that I don't even respond to emails - the ones I read/notice anyway.

After this week, my schedule should start to open up a bit - because ALL of our weekly organized activities will be over for the season...

And then come July my kids will be at camp each day until 12:45 or so!

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