Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Camtasia....It's Pretty Cool!

I just opened the box and rather easily made this, my first video - unshaven and completely unversed in Camtasia's plethora of tools and options.

So I'd expect that with a little practice I'll be able to produce some really crisp and snazzy videos with this so-called screencast software.

Of course most of y'all would need a *little practice* to be be able to multiply like me!

BTW, speaking of math...

My short ebook is almost ready for publication/distribution.  I'll be sure to let everyone know when it's out.

Also, the KahnAcademy.org has gotten better. It's more than just a bunch of videos. The site now has more structure, exercises, and INTERACTIVITY.

Everyone should have their kid on it (counting through calculus) in addition to whatever they are doing in school.

Log into the website with your child's Google or Facebook acct....

Then click on *profile* and add me as their coach (if you want).

My Coach ID is "cyscholar(at)gmail(dot)com".

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