Monday, July 09, 2012

Career Reinvention Update

Long-time readers will recall that I used to trade the financial markets....and that I took a whooping shorting this insane bear market rally.

I've recovered from many an a$$-whooping in the trading account over the years (16+) but for variety of reasons it was time for a difficult career change.

Well I'm still in the process, is the main long-term business plan at the moment, but I've also been angling to break into the lucrative high-end tutoring market here in the NYC metro area.

Not in dire need of money, I've been holding out for precisely the kind of work I wanted.

And, finally, I'm starting to make some inroads.

Today I taught my first *competitive math* classes in a summer program here on Long Island.

Class is 4 straight hours and pays $320 cash....which while nothing like what I used to make selling a 100-lot of juicy puts back in the day, it still felt good. The thing is, I enjoy teaching math so much that I would almost do it for free. Almost.

The kids are young, 100% Asian, and well-behaved (so far).

In the future I hope to get my hourly rate north of $100 once my reputation as the *best math teacher on Earth* spreads...

And I'll also use this teaching position as an opportunity to build out my (math) info-products.

It's been a slow process, but things are finally looking up for me on many fronts.

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