Friday, July 27, 2012


This morning my blog received its 1,000,000th hit, finally!

I thought it would happen sooner (1.5 years ago), but whatever.

Nothing is more unpopular than *the truth* (credit: Will Durant), I never tried to game the Google search results like everyone else did, and the competition for web eye-balls has gotten fierce over the past few years.

This blog has done wonders for me. It's been more educational and more rewarding than all my years of schooling. And through it I've met some terrific people - most of whom I've never met in person but still consider dear friends.

I'd like to buy each and every one of my readers a drink.....but just not in Manhattan - home of the $17 vodka tonic and $20 martini!

So thanks!

I do hope that sometime in the future I can post again with my old prolific regularity....


Heather Risdon said...

Congrats! And just think of all the hits that aren't even being counted due to RSS feed users....

CaptiousNut said...

Thanks. Yeah, most of my hits are search engine hit-and-runs anyway. Morons looking for pics of themselves and whatnot!