Monday, July 02, 2012

Robbing The Robbers!

So what's the difference between them stealing from you and vice versa?

Oh, yeah, they have the Big Government thugs on their side!

A plumber just left my house. He changed the *insides* of two toilets.

Guess how much?

With tax, $283.51.

And he wouldn't leave the house until I paid him, either. No more *billing* because people have been stiffing THEM, back.

I don't blame them even though the premium in my price no doubt is subsidizing those debtors.

$135 an hour for labor? That seems high to me - extraordinarily high actually.

And I love how they mark-up the *parts* which they certainly get for 50% of retail prices...


Justin Time said...

Don't get me started on plumbers.
I had a similar experience, right down to the payment thing you describe. They must teach that in trade school.

I wonder if the old perception of how plumbers are expensive has anything to do with their over-sized rates. I think it might feed off itself.

You know they are going to be expensive, so you brace yourself for a ridiculous bill. And when the bill comes, it is inevitably even more than you were expecting, thus reinforcing the perception.

CaptiousNut said...

I told the guy I wanted him to do the work ONLY if it was $250. He said that was the most it would be.

So what does he do...

He gives me an unitemized bill that magically comes to $251.

THEN he adds $30 in tax...

THEN he asks to be paid in cash - in other words, they WERE NOT going to pay any of the tax added in (or income tax!).

What an ANUS!