Thursday, September 27, 2012

C-Nut = DEAD!

Google/YouTube just cancelled my Youtube account!

Six+ years of videos are GONE.

I don't even know what videos I had preserved, quite honestly.


Because yesterday I uploaded a clip of an awesome new Sony docking station I bought.

Of course I had it playing music for purposes of demonstration.

And the Google robots must have detected it and flagged me - again, for freakin' background music.

I guess I should back up my blog before they cancel my entire account...


Paul Mitchell said...

They'll give it back eventually if you delete the video. I think.

CaptiousNut said...

I don't think so.

Says I have multiple violations.

Can't even see my YouTube acct. So I can't delete anything.

I had a clip of drowning a rodent that got flagged.

I had a clip of my daughter's dance recital...and the music in the background got it flagged.

And going way, way back I did put up music on some of my first videos.

We're talking many years ago.

In some ways I feel like it's a clean break, though.

My head is elsewhere and very, very busy. I've about had it with a lot of the stuff I used to focus on.

I'm getting old. I need to DO stuff, more stuff anyway.