Friday, December 24, 2010

Cheap Music?

Do any of y'all buy MP3s online?

If so, could someone tell me how much they cost and where the best place to buy them is?

Don't laugh, but I have no clue. A Google took me to which says they sell songs for 16 cents apiece. That sounds pretty good to me and would impel me to actually buy an MP3 player, docking station, and start amassing some music.

And it leaves me wondering why anyone would spent 99 cents a song on iTunes - if that's what it costs.


Justin Time said...

Excellent question on the iTunes thing. I think it's just the power of good marketing.

I'm going to test this IOMOIO site out to see how the song selection is. Maybe that's the difference?

CaptiousNut said...

That's what my brother also said - pure marketing.

I just don't know if iDevices could only play stuff bought at $1+ prices. I'm proud to say I'm totally ignorant of that trendy world.

As a rule I don't buy music/movies; I don't buy *content*.

But at .16 a song...