Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doctors Are A$$holes...

You can read the story here.

While some might be inclined to blame the social workers or lawyers and insurance companies....I blame the doctor who must have called it in - whatever *it* was.

Why? Because he knew darn well what chain of events it would set off.

An isolated case/jerk?

Hardly. In fact a doctor I know pretty well just posted the exact same ignorant anti-midwife comment on FaceBook - maybe only 2 months ago!

I've said it before - *doctors are almost indistinguishable from the worst priests....all salvation/health must go through them*.

And if you resist....they call in the ruffians.


Rock Smash said...

I fail to see how this is about doctors at all. This is about parental rights, overbearing government regulations, and hospitals that fail to look at patients as if they were customers and people. I'm afraid your polemic is misdirected, though the point is clear.

Hate to tell you, but hospitals aren't run by doctors.

This is a frightening story, though. I lost count of how many ways the patient was failed here, and how many consent violations were made. The lawyers (who are a more likely object of your disdain, since the regs came from their intervention) should have a field day with this facility.

Anyway, thanks for posting the link.

CaptiousNut said...

Rock Smash,

I'm experimenting with more provocative headlines...

There's just no humility in the medical profession.

The one doctor I know whom I alluded to went off on the rare case of a midwife delivery being fatal...

Meanwhile, he's an enthusiastic abortionist!

So yeah, he really cares about babies...(sarcasm)

They've been anointed by Big Education, so nobody ought to dare cross them.

You might have seen a post I did previously about local NY doctors who tell patients (parents) to *get lost* if they don't want to vaccinated their children as per the *State* guidelines.

Anonymous said...


Our story went like this. My daughter was born with both hips out of socket. We sought help from a specialist who performed surgery 6 months after her birth and she was 6 months in a spica cast and 3 yrs in a brace, you wouldn't even know she had an issue.

At the age of 4, we get a letter in the mail from state of NH Health Birth Conditions program with all of my daughter's personal information and that they want her for their study and want to know how they can help. We can opt out of the study by supplying them with all of our info (SS#'s, dobs, blood type, names, mom's info, etc.). We called the hospital to find out how this had happened, and they claim no idea of the program. Then we called this NH department, they refused to take her info out without us sending them all this info for proof of who we were. I called some lawyers who specialized in this sort of thing and everyone of them did n't understand our concerns regarding this program designed to help us. Helping us 4 yrs after the fact her issue was fixed and breaking hippa laws didn't seem to register in their heads. Anyway we had to supply the info to get my daughter's name and personal info out of the bureacrats hands and to top it off, they won't guarantee all her info will be destroyed or that it won't fall into the wrong hands.

We're from the govt and we're here to help!