Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pump Pain

Hah! I've been telling y'all this was coming, for years.

Recall 16 months ago we bought a little car (32 mpg) expressly because of this prediction of mine.

Obama's people are printing money to monetize the stock and bond markets (so they can get re-elected and so they can bailout the 'old people' that run this country).

But an irresponsible, rampant policy like this inevitably juices the commodity markets too.

The funny thing is....high gas prices from now to November will be taken out on incumbent politicians. Obama - er, I mean his *handlers* - have to be aware of this.

So I believe at some point soon they will take the air (monetization) out of the stock and bond markets in order to knock down oil a peg before November. Sure they will *release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve* and make a big announcement out of it....but that won't really lower the price of oil that much.

Oh wait, some of you naive folk that the Strategic Reserve was for real emergencies like supply chain disruptions and wars???

Hah! No it's always been for incumbent pols!

The one problem with my little Volvo is that I'm too scared to drive my kids around in it. There are just too many crazy drivers here in NY. I feel like we'd be crushed instantly in the event of an accident (versus my Chevy Tahoe).

While politicians might not survive higher gas prices....the public will figure it out. Soon everyone will be driving less, ordering from Amazon Prime, and driving a moped:

What's that old moped joke?

Something like - They're like fat girls....fun to ride but you don't want your friends catching you riding one.


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