Friday, March 16, 2012

Math Haters

While dyslexia is a fairly well-known and oft-discussed affliction these days...

There does exist an analogue in the math world - Dyscalculia.

Apparently its sufferers (*math haters!*) have trouble recognizing and counting dots quickly. Or at least this is one of the diagnostic tests they fail.

They say that 3-6% of people suffer from it - and that's across the entire IQ range.

I do believe this actually exists although my inclination is to always take the *under* of the percentages posited by financially-interested researchers. So say it's more like 1-2% of Earthlings.

There are free dyscalculia tests online, just have to Google.

Also, there is a nice, seldom-used word for people who can't's innumerate.

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