Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shocking Violence In Socialist Schools

Okay, the *Shocking* characterization in my title is tongue in cheek.

Look, even if your kid isn't bullied themself....the odds are that they are actually bullying some other kids beneath them in the pecking order - even if on a psychological level.

Lord of the Flies isn't what happens when kids are taken out of school/society...

No, it's what kids do to each other everyday when sentenced to *forced association*.

I watched two older Asian geeks at chess class yesterday tease my sweet-as-pie son. I mean these kids were certainly outcast dorks in their local government school penitentiary; and I don't even think they were mean kids, relatively speaking, by any stretch. But they were 11 and 12 years old - my son is 7.30 - and they probably just don't get many opportunities otherwise to flick another kid away like a fingertip booger.

The older homeschooled kids never, EVER tease my son; I mean almost everyone loves him.

When you do something as profoundly against the grain as keeping your kids out of's nice to be continually, if not constantly reminded - even if by chess dorks - that you made the right decision.

I was no angel in school myself.

I used to bully the football players, the minority gang leaders,...

The idea that making a *cause* out of the *bullying epidemic* is going to do anything, at all, is absolutely ridiculous.


Heather Risdon said...

My son takes music class at our local school and something similar happened at his music program last month. When I told a few other people the story, they were all sympathetic about the bullying.

What really kills me though is when I compared this behavior to the always friendly and welcoming attitudes of the older kids in my homeschool group, then those same people all of sudden have the opinion that kids will be kids and my boys need to learn how to cope in this kind of world!

(Your post ends rather abruptly BTW.)

CaptiousNut said...

Yeah, wife was yanking me out to dinner. I ignored her the first 10 times...

Laura said...

You really hit on something. When kids are held in an institution against their will, one that isn't designed to elevate their gifts or celebrate their uniqueness, something changes in kids. That natural enthusiasm and delight in play diminishes, as if they're ashamed to be kids. And they're so much more likely to be exclusionary, cruel, and mocking. Although I'm sure there are blatant exceptions, homeschooling groups tend to be examples of the opposite. People who think a jaded and sneering kid can will be more tenderhearted after some anti-bully training don't understand that kids hide their tender hearts, becoming what is done to them by a system that doesn't care.