Friday, March 23, 2012

Half-A$$ed Kindergarten

Some residents of our town - which already spends 26k per pupil! - are petitioning for *full day kindergarten*.

Okay. Whatever.

But check out this dimwitted petition/plea that was just forwarded to my wife:

Hi Ladies,

This came into my inbox this morning and I was so happy to see someone doing something about our outdated Kindergarten program! I would love to see a change happen, if not to directly benefit my family, then to benefit the students and families following (her daughter)'s Kindergarten year.

We all love to spend that extra time with our kids when they are growing up so quickly, but as I already have a child in elementary school, I know that Kindergarten is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of play, singing, painting and nap time on the rug. In my opinion, the skills that our 5 year olds are expected to leave with REQUIRE 5 full days at school.

Please take a look at what is below and take a moment to click and sign if you agree!


Say what???

Did she just say that kindergarten SUCKS now and that the kids need 5 FULL DAYS of it, now???

My wife asserted that she herself is *against the full-day*.

But my opinion is, "...that there should be either 'no kindergarten' or a 'full day'..." because a half-day (2.5 hours!) is nothing more than a logistical nightmare for parents.

After all, a lot of these kids have been day-cared for 7-9 hours per day since almost birth, so there's no transition at all for them to adapt to being raised by new strangers for a *full day* when they are 5+.

REMINDER - Kindergarten isn't even mandated by law.

In other words, you don't even have to send your child - which I, by the way, highly recommend!

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