Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gone Golfing

My wife and MIL have I rented a car and am off to Tampa to golf with my South Philly jabronis.

I've never been to Tampa before. All I've heard about it, besides my wife's *North Shore Long Island* deprecations, is that it's got the best strip joints in the USA.

What's that expression - Trust but verify?

Hah! Won't be any of that on this trip. These guys are too cheap and too alcoholic. At the end of this golf vacation (a full week for them) there'll be enough empty domestic beer cans to boost Alcoa's bottom line!

In fact, that's why Alcoa warned on Monday....

Because my jabronis pushed back their annual trip by a week!

There are 14 other guys going....I bet I get 6 Happy New Year wishes!

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