Monday, January 26, 2009

Theme Park Rip-offs

So what did I do today?

Not much. I spent the morning packing up some of my kids' junk. I was unable to wrest an extension on my Naples retreat from Mrs. C-Nut who sneakily *signed my kids up for activities* in February. So we'll be hitting the road on Thursday, back to Arctic Boston.

I'm stopping in Orlando (to see a friend's newborn) and figured I could take the kids somewhere touristy. We did Disney last year and would hate to set an *annual* precedent with my kids. Also my wife shot down that idea as *too expensive* anyway. "I think you should do Sea World," she suggested.

Well, even Sea World is a whopping $145 for me and my son (with little Princess C-Nut sliding in for free). But heck, I should go on Thursday anyway because next year, when my daughter's three and my wife is present, it'll cost $290!!!

I remember doing Sea World when I was ten. I did very much enjoy it - particularly the water ski show ("Hatfields and McCoys"?).

Of course, I wasn't the one paying.


Anonymous said...

Misery loves company. The northeast will be getting 10-14 inches of snow on wednesday. Come on up and enjoy the final 6 weeks of winter Mr. Snowbird.


CaptiousNut said...

6 weeks only?

I'm on a roll. I bet it doesn't snow 10 inches total in Feb and March when I am home.

Honest to God, I haven't thought about Massachusetts for more than a minute this past month.

Next year I will try for two months (but will settle for 6 weeks).

Anonymous said...

Too bad I am busy this weekend. 10-14 sounds good.

Slow out