Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Puppet Master On Stage

Having read and heard very little of George Soros directly, I enjoyed his column today in the Financial Times.

Now, of course, I disagree with his globalist, inflationist, communist prescriptions. But it's always important, make that EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to keep abreast of the Moron leaders puppet masters.

I admit that *credit default swaps* aren't my thing. BUT, I don't understand this statement of his:
The second step is to understand credit default swaps and to recognise that the CDS market offers a convenient way of shorting bonds. In that market the asymmetry in risk/reward works in the opposite way to stocks. Going short on bonds by buying a CDS contract carries limited risk but unlimited profit potential; by contrast, selling credit default swaps offers limited profits but practically unlimited risks.

How exactly could *buying a CDS contract* have *unlimited profit potential*?

Wouldn't *insurance* on say $1 million worth of bonds have a price ceiling at say, $1 million?

Someone please educate me. (Or George.)


Funny Circus Bears said...
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west coast tom. said...

That's a great picture of George. Funny.