Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poor Little Michael Goodwin...

...His mother is a typical Boston Moron!

And she decided to display her vast Moronity in a signed letter to the Boston Globe:
I WAS running around with typical errands - picking kids up from school, cleaning the house, laundry, paying bills, getting dinner - all the chaotic daily chores of a working mother. In the middle of my self-induced whirlwind, my 6-year-old son handed me a letter he wrote to the president at school: "Dear President Obama, Congratulations! Please make no more wars. I will not litter. Sincerely, Michael Goodwin."

In times such as these, with the economy struggling, people out of work, our healthcare and schools in disarray, and global turmoil, his letter made me stop in my tracks. As I hugged him, glad for this brief moment of peace, I thought, why not? It should be as simple as that. Make no more wars and I promise not to litter. Give everyone a job and I promise to clean my room. Love thy neighbor and I'll love you back.

Last Tuesday, Obama asked everyone to step up and do their part. Well, change can start with a small child's straightforward promise not to litter. If everyone pledged to make an honest, small change, then progress would be possible. We would all be a part of making our country and this world a better place.

Rebecca Goodwin

Who knew that our national bellicosity came from litter!

What's that expression?

Sins can be forgiven but stupid is forever?

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