Monday, August 03, 2009

Another Sucky Boston Bar

So we were in Scituate, MA the other night, at a semi-crowded bar on the harbor, with a bunch of other nostalgic, married-with-small-children folk....

We were at TK O'Malley's a place I'd been to perhaps twice before without incident.

The service was decent; we were outside on a perfect summer evening; there were enough young'uns to mask the 'old coots' and cavemen wearing *proud to be union* t-shirts; etc.

So all of us concurred that the place was a pleasant surprise in the wasteland that is Boston/Massachusetts nightlife.

Then, a couple of broads in our circle went out to investigate the bar down the street - ya know, in search of greener grass.

But when they came back, the bouncers almost didn't let them back in. They said the door was closed.


It was 11:31 pm!

I asked a waitress who confirmed their policy. The door shuts at 11:30 on Saturday nights.

"Well, when do they shut the bar, at midnight?", I pressed.

She told me the bar will stay open until 1 am; it's just that no *new customers* are allowed in after 11:30 pm.

What a place, huh? In all my drinking travels, over several states and cities, I've never seen a place that shut the door 1.5 hours before last call. I guess at least would-be gogglers have a full read on the possible inventory early on, anyway.

No screw that. This is just another example of how ridiculous, how Puritanical Massachusetts remains with alcohol.

Oh yeah, parked right in front the bar was a state trooper as well. Just to be safe, I had to make my wife drive on account of the five light beers I consumed over the course of four hours. Ain't nothing like scaring the bejesus out of the *best* customers on their way out!

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Skallagrimson said...

A little off topic, but your favorite CEO might be in trouble with NY state:

The big question is: why would Lewis not face federal criminal charges, possibly under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, after committing intentional fraud, by hiding the bonus liabilities associated with absorbing Merrill Lynch from the voting share holders?

CaptiousNut said...

Big Government is under assault in a sense because poop is spraying from the fan, and because it is regnant.

Indicting Ken Lewis will only happen when the powers-at-be think they can scapegoat him sufficiently to misdirect attention away from their own failings: fractional reserve banking, politicized lending, regulatory incompetence, etc.

The guy, Ken Lewis, certainly does seem to have nine lives. What bothers me is that he's going to be able to succesfully blame much of his mismanagement on Merrill Lynch - how it was thrust upon him.

When in reality his bank was bankrupt well beforehand; perhaps even before Countrywide!