Saturday, August 08, 2009

My Daughter, A Better Namer...

It was either this past Christmas or the one prior that Princess C-Nut received the above doll from her grandmother.

All of us, with our strict, lily-white northern European blood, got a good laugh out of the purplish brown skin of this particular doll. We broke my mother's stones but good. What, was this some sort of multi-culti lesson for our toddler?

One just never knows when they're going to bump into a purply-brown blonde!

Anyways, my daughter, when she was no more than 2.5, perhaps much earlier, decided to name this new doll of hers.....

She named it SHAYNA!

Where exactly from her short and sheltered life she unearthed that name remains a profound mystery.

But it suffices to say that she's a more adroit namer than her older relative....

See - Worst Baby Name Ever.

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