Saturday, August 08, 2009

Recession Special - Affordable, Luxury Poop

That's the front web page of the embattled, bankrupt Boston Globe right now.

Red Sox, Red Sox, and Celtics (and an AP story on a helicopter crash that readers can and have seen on no less than one million other media outlets!).

Would you pay for that tripe given the existence of and countless other *free* sources of information?

And yet, in a feat of mind-boggling stupidity, just last week it was announced that the teetering Boston Globe was going to start charging viewers of its website.

To say those people simply DON'T GET IT would be ginormous understatement!

It's one thing to not grasp the basic laws of economics....but it's quite another to try and invert them.

I believe this misjudgment is even worse than today's Big Government policy - where their elegant solution to debt is....more debt.

I've written a bunch on the financial woes of the Boston Globe recently. Click here for the most recent batch.

Also, this announcement by the Globe reminded me of that Moron Ara Hovnanian.

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