Sunday, August 09, 2009

Puritans Dead But Still Regnant In Boston

Apparently, even $1,000 per ticket can't get a fan open bar at Fenway Park.

See - City Says Red Sox Must End Open Bar.

Did you even know that a so-called open bar was illegal here? I didn't.

In 1984, the state banned free drinks, reduced-price drinks, and open bars at all public drinking establishments following a case where a 20-year-old Weymouth woman who had consumed numerous free beers during a contest in a Braintree bar was killed after being dragged 35 feet under a car driven by a friend.

Ain't nothing like sweeping, permanent legislation in response to an anomalous event!

Seriously though, when 'old coots' up here in Massachusetts talk about a wedding, they'll be sure to excitedly mention *open bar* like giddy pre-teenage broads if that indeed was the case. And, of course, Massholes have for the most part never, ever, left New England - so they have no clue how ridiculous alcohol laws are here.

Bumgarner said nearly all major league teams offer ticket packages with alcohol included. He said the open bar is a small part of the packages but is included because corporate buyers and other high-rollers want all-inclusive deals.

There you have it - nearly all other major league baseball cities offer unlimited, open bars....

The Puritans may have started it here way back when, but it's now the *schools* that have infantilized the populace.

It's rather simple - you treat anyone, no matter their age, like an irresponsible child and that's how they are going to conduct themselves.


Anonymous said...

Now, now: real Puritans drank. And drink! They were not prohibitionists like latter religious/nanny-state folk! They would frown on drunkenness, but spirits were part of the puritan 'lifestyle'!

CaptiousNut said...

They drink hard here too.

But it happens at home, with domestic cans.

Drinking on the outside is not allowed; and it's expensive because liquor licenses have been strictly limited.

So Massholes pound cans of Bud and curse at their pro sports teams....making them bitter themselves.

Anonymous said...

It's worse in Connecticut. Our package stores shut down at 9PM. Used to be 8PM. And they can't be open on Sunday's or holidays. So if you are out of booze at night or Sunday you can't stay home. You have to go to a bar, where one is much more likely to drive home drunk.

European's have the drinking laws pretty well down. No booze to kids under 16. That's about it. Oddly enough, but not really, teenagers don't covet alcohol like they do here. Making it easy eliminates the rebellious aspect. Problems are few. In Germany, where I was last week, the driving limit is .03%. Pretty low; but they drive fast. However, if you get in an accident the judges have the right to increase your penalty if any alcohol was involved, even if you were under the limit. So they penalize you more if you were out of control and less if you weren't. Interesting concept, treating people like adults.

Slow out.