Monday, May 02, 2011

4 Hour Body Chronicles - Shrinkage?

I stepped on the scale today and it read an eye-popping 162.5 lbs.

Now my weight has been tightly range-bound for almost 20 years between 166 and 171 (I'm 5'10.5). I mean it's NEVER been outside of that except for a few weeks of post-surgery muscle atrophy.

Recall I recently read and implemented many of the principles from Tim Ferriss' juggernaut - The 4-Hour Body.

Of course I've incorporated kettlebells into my workout regimen.

But I've also tried some of his dietary lunacy which for shorthand he refers to as *Slow Carb* and *Paleo* or something.

I actually gave up white-flour products for three painful weeks without really noticing or feeling any better. Thank God! Try living in New York without pizza...

And I did cut down a little on my sugar intake.

But all along I've been eating eggs (3) and beans or spinach for breakfast. Ferriss asserts that eating 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking really catalyzes your metabolism.

So after going back to sugar and bread/pasta/bagels/pizza(!) and seeing my weight continue to drop I have to assume that there really are legs to the early morning protein strategy. In fact my body shrinkage has even convinced my first wife to try it out. She'd doing the protein shakes instead though.

Believe me, I know it doesn't sound like a lot but I'm a thin guy so this 5 lb loss is a big deal.

However I must admit that I'm purely guessing that it's the protein that's thinning me out.

I've also done a few other things like drastically ameliorating my posture thanks to Esther Gokhale - and erectness definitely engages the core!

Or it could be the kettlebells that are really burning the fat away. I'm up to doing 3 sets of 30 with the 88 pounder every 2.5 days or so. I could definitely do more but between beating a million range balls and the kettlebells my hands keep blistering up horribly.

Anyone trying to do ANYTHING with their body ought to have a copy of that book!

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