Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Undocumented Tithing?

Some guy told me today that the reason the Catholic Church harbors border jumpers - and vocally lobbies for Amnesty and whatnot - is because as a group they are devout tithers.

Say what?

This guy insisted that undocumented Catholic Hispanics ALL believe in donating 10% of their earnings to the causes of the Catholic Church. He said that was the case at his Westbury, NY parish.

I'd never heard that before. I'd always presumed that the Church was supportive of the undocumented because well, it needs members to replace the departed eco-pagans and lapsed-Catholics. I'm probably right too but I wasn't aware of the money angle - if indeed it's true.


Kevin said...

Ask the ushers at your church how the collections at the Spanish Mass(es) compares to the regular Masses. That might give you the answer as far as your parish goes ... get a larger sample and that might tell if the guy is blowing smoke or not.

CaptiousNut said...


Would have to try a different church - mine is as white as they get. Plus the ushers and envelope collectors are as old as dirt. So I doubt their *powers of observation*.

I'm going to ask a priest next time I have a chance.