Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Moronic Tourists

That's what they do....they come to New York City which has the best food in America, and they waste their appetite at places like Sbarro, Ray's Pizza, Gray's Papaya, or someplace even worse like McDonalds or TGIF's!

I respect cheap, I really do.

But there are plenty of inexpensive delicious options in Manhattan.

I discovered Empanada Mama's last year. It's a tiny sit-down place so go for a 4pm dinner or some other off-peak time.

And a few weeks ago I found mouthwatering Mamoums. Get their signature falafel for something like $3 or even better, splurge for the lamb shawarma ($5-$6) which is out of this world. Go easy on the hot sauce though.

There are countless other hole-in-the-wall finds too - be sure to google (or ask someone) before your next trip.

When I'm going into the City I starve myself long beforehand and meticulously allocate my stomach space to the best foods. Seriously.

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neil said...

looks like Sarah Palin belongs in this group( with an assist from Trump) with her "New York" pizza