Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Slim Pickings' On The Democratic Plantation

This story is making headlines today - that the black employment rate hit a new low of 56.9% (versus the white rate of 68% or whatever).

OBVIOUSLY that's Bush's fault or something!

Anyways, I want to throw a stat out there that I've never heard outside of an economics class I took in 1994 or so.  Whatever it was back then I imagine it's worse today.

It stated that out of the African Americans who ARE EMPLOYED....that a staggering 75% of them work for the government, either federal, state, or local.

BTW, I got very excited for a few brief moments today. At Wendy's, an irate customer came screaming up to the counter and threw her burger down. She was gushing expletives and demanding to know WTF those people working there thought *extra pickles and extra onions* looked like. I kid you not.

No employees would respond and she went ballistic - calling them *undocumented* mo-fo's and whatnot. Of course the lady threatened to *come on back there and whoop somebody*. You can't make this up!

I was paying for my meal and enjoying it all....then alertly I put my money down and dug for my Droid camera as she was only 7 feet away.

I did catch the last few seconds of it but unfortunately missed the really good opening barbs.

It's too bad because I yearn to be back on Drudge, again.

Shoot, that was four years ago now.

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