Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NY Times Readers, Complaining Of A Small World!

In the anti-spirit of Greg Mankiw....I'd like to *discuss* this:

While I think the subject is interesting in its own right, there was something nauseating about this particular buffoon, discussing the subject of closed-mindedness, amongst his boneheaded cronies at a TED convention.

It'd be like the Morons who've sequestered themselves away in say the Peoples Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts wondering why their organic cocktail parties are dull - with everyone finishing each other's sentences in turn.

I mean the idea that in the pre-internet age newspaper editors were anchored by *gatekeeping integrity* is downright ludicrous. And anyone decrying an alleged dearth of web info TODAY ought to be branded a complete Moron.

While the speaker deprecates it, I do like and agree with this quote from the beginning:

Make no mistake, and don't ever forget that calls for *public mindedness* have never been anything but a Trojan Horse for those elitist, religious fanatics who are more accurately described as socialists.

How's this - if you're worried about suffering in Africa why don't YOU don't something about it - something that doesn't involve coercing others to help you?

And if YOU don't like the news feed from Yahoo or Headbook simply STOP using them. If YOU don't like the first couple Google search results....then YOU can scroll down or use another search engine.

Yeah Africa has problems, but here we have the burden of whiny *smart ignoramuses* and whiny *volunteer slaves*...

Thanks to jabroni LeagueIslander for sending me this one.

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