Thursday, May 05, 2011

Homeschool Jabroni Meet-Up

I'm pretty busy these days.

Tomorrow I have to drive to New England for a wedding up in Maine. I feel like I haven't been to a wedding in 3 glorious years. Heck it used to be 5 or 6 per year!

Then the following week we are driving 10.5 hours out to Ohio to attend a homeschooling conference/event - Unschoolers' Waterpark Gathering.

It's essentially going to be our summer family vacation - and a cheap one at that. Four nights at $125 per plus $350 in gasoline. We'll see how it goes. Others in my homeschool co-op have raved about it, saying their kids never had so much fun.

Of course I'll have to be a little quiet about my strict academic regimen and the THOUSANDS of workbook pages I've had my two kids do!

Some of these self-described *unschoolers* can be a little fanatical...

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