Monday, May 30, 2011

Marginalizing Beauty And Talent

In case some of y'all haven't seen any of this season's American Idol. Check out this young lass:

I mean, not only can she sing....she's exploding with personality and is one fine-looking broad! Watching her I'm reminded that I'm still one raging heterosexual...

Relax, she's of age, 21 or so, and I look 25 or 26 (despite my 37th birthday later this week).

It's hard to believe that this same girl auditioned the year before but didn't even make it to Hollywood. Heck she's as polished and poised as that invert Adam Lambert was as an amateur.

And like Lambert, she too was ousted by inferior competition, landing in third place.

Why did she lose?

Because of schools of course.

Too many kids - and that's who's voting here - grow up hating the beautiful, the competent, and the self-confident with whom they have to suffer *forced association*. Regular folk may secretly aspire to be them....but explicitly voting for them is another matter.


paul mitchell said...

Jealousy is such an ugly, ugly thing.

Anne Galivan said...

I'm not sure what "she's of age and you look 26" means exactly since you're married...

But...I doubt that your evaluation of why she was voted out is accurate. There are a lot of factors that go into who wins American Idol and one is certainly choice of song. "Benny and the Jets" sung as a show tune? I mean come on, it was pitiful.

The only season I ever watched and voted was the season David Cook won. Now THAT is a guy who can sing and has the personality to back it up. The only reason he hasn't done better is because of marketing etc. which is what the MAJORITY of success in music is today. For heaven's sake Taylor Swift can't even sing yet she is BELOVED by those in the industry (who of course have to say how wonderful she is because it's what everyone else says) AND she is beloved by the very public school kids you are talking about. She is supposedly beautiful (whatever) but what the appeal is I can't tell, yet she continues to win awards INCLUDING awards that are voted on by teenagers themselves.

In any case I wasn't impressed by this girl. And I expect she won't go anywhere not because public school kids are prejudiced against beauty but because she really isn't that special. On the other hand if she can get signed by Taylor Swift's agent, all bets are off.

Anne Galivan said...

One other fact that blows your theory out of the water is that Carrie Underwood won the fourth season of Idol. She is hands-down one of the most beautiful, talented women in the music industry today. (And unlike Taylor Swift who I mentioned before, she actually CAN sing!)

CaptiousNut said...


My theory is still in the *water*.

Carrie looks/looked like the smalltown girl. Yeah she's gorgeous but not too gorgeous.

*Benny and the Jets* has 1.1 million hits on YouTube - which I read is the most watched YouTube clip from this past season.

I was carded last week (on my 37th birthday!) down the South Jersey shore. *People* kept telling me I looked 25, 26, or 27 years old. One inebriated floozy guessed that I was 22 years old! I whipped out my camera phone and tried to get her to repeat it (for the benefit of my buddies) but she changed her tune to 25 years old. Please don't deprive me of my fun - it used to suck being 21 and looking 14/15.