Monday, May 30, 2011

Another EPA Disaster

You know I had seen pictures of these fish - Asian carp - jumping out of the water in unison a couple of years ago:

But I didn't know that this particular fish was destroying freshwater ecosystems. Apparently they eat all the plankton(?) or something that the little fish need which threatens bass, perch, walleye, etc. up the food chain.

Years ago they brought them over to help clean up the water (they are *filter feeders*) at catfish farms. But they may have escaped into the waterways during floods. So we have another yet *cheap Asian import* that caused more problems than it solved.

Importantly it should be noted that back in the day, it was hardly just a few catfish farmers that were responsible for today's mess. No, in fact the Big Government was singing the praises of Asian carp, recommending them to treat and clean sewerage runoff and other dirty water situations.

Of course if you Google *EPA Asian Carp* it's pretty hard to find the true history of these invasive fish run amok. All that comes up in the search engine results are reports on how the EPA is going to SOLVE the mess it authored. Hint - it involves hundreds of millions of your taxpayer dollars!

And when it fails....the new solution will most certainly demand even more money.

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