Sunday, May 08, 2011

Roundtrip to Maine

Portland, Maine to be precise. We drove up halfway on Friday and dropped my kids off with my parents. Then on Saturday we drove up to a wedding at Portland Country Club - one of the girls that used to work for my wife.

The wedding was nice but the 7 hours car trip home today was a little brutal.

AND we'll be spending another 20 hours in the car next week going back and forth to Ohio for that homeschool conference/family vacation.

Despite having vacationed in Maine for much of my juvenile life, I'd never been to Portland before. Is it beautiful? Whatever. Ask somebody from Kansas who's never seen the ocean. And prepare to freeze your butt off!

Supposedly it's renowned for its food. And we actually discovered a Mexican place for lunch - El Rayo - that was absolutely terrific.

On the way home we walked by the most crass bumper sticker either my first wife or I had ever seen:

I mean I've seen men wearing crass T-shirts....but they can wear those to a poker game or NASCAR event with their buddies and be done with it.

But a bumper sticker is effectively a perpetual declaration of said crassness! I mean don't they have to go to a workplace? Don't they ever park their car near friends' kids or younger relatives?

My first hunch was that the car-owner was a sapphist.

However it was confusing to see what looked like a guy in the driver's seat. Though even if it was his car how much of a man could he really be, given the other bumper stickers?

Y'all can Google it. Apparently the expression came from a movie.

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SoldAtTheTop said...


I had a funny google search that made me think of you...

I was searching to see if the "magic 8 ball" image is held in copyright (long story) and I typed in "is magic" .. the list Google presented was pretty comical... assuming that these items are essentially the most popular searches that start with "is magic".