Friday, January 28, 2011

Bridging The Cultural Divide

Check out this cool wedding video of a South Philly jabroni - it picks up after the 2:00 mark:

While not exactly the stereotypical *South Philly* looked like a whole lot of fun nonetheless. Instead of the Mummers' Strut they did the Indian Mummy Strut or something and had a blast. Why wasn't I invited?!

And yeah, that fat groom, he is the 6th ranked pool player in Pennsylvania whose butt I whipped two years ago.

Get this...

Earlier this month I sicked him on the 4-Hour Body and he gleefully reported to me that in only 2 weeks on Tim Ferriss' diet, he's already shed 17 lbs!

Not for anything, but I should really pimp myself out as one of those high-priced *life coaches*...

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