Thursday, January 13, 2011

But They All Insist They Love *The Seasons*...

My kids and I are having an absolute blast down here in Naples, Florida. We've been here a full week now and we're so comfortable it may as well have already been a month!

Recall we left Arctic Boston last year after serving a 5 year sentence for the moderately warmer climate of Long Island.

Of course Florida in January is just about the ideal place to be.

When I saw that news story and especially the picturesque image of what I've left behind this morning I let out quite a cackle.

I even pondered a gloating sort of Tweet a la Lebron James!

But that would just not be right, not a particularly grown-up thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Having been a snowbird on a few occasions ... I recall seeing postcards for sale in FLA with nice pictures of sunny beaches and captions (sic) "in FLA the only ice is in the drinks".
Yeah, go ahead, rub it in! Lightly, of course.

Anne Galivan said...

I must clarify your definition of "Florida" as in "it is wonderfully warm and sunny everywhere in Florida in the winter."

Here in Tallahassee it is frickin' cold and it has been for weeks. Below freezing every night. Wind chill puts it in the teens at times. Sure we don't have to contend with the snow but it has been perpetually dreary which is why I have only been leaving the house about once a week.

North Florida, and especially the Panhandle, is NOTHING like the rest of Florida. South Florida in the winter is spring-like. I was born, raised, and spent most of my life in Miami so I know what I'm talking about.

When we first moved here we didn't mind, and did enjoy the change of seasons. Now I look forward to the day when my youngest is grown and I can move to my little house by the beach.

CaptiousNut said...

Yeah. One has to go south of Orlando to experience warm weather in the winter...