Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tim Ferriss-Mania!

Sitting at the pool yesterday afternoon, topless, atop the beautiful Icon At Brickell here in Miami, I espied some dude (also topless) reading a coverless tome. Was he merely preserving the cover of his book?  Or perhaps was he hiding his reading material?

Anyways I instantly recognized the book. It was Tim Ferriss' - 4-Hour Body. (For my summary - click here.)

I mean the book is already a juggernaut. Personally I've incorporated a few things from it with tremendous success - stuff I'll discuss in a separate post.

But if you go and read Tim's blog and check out the comments you'll see that, in the mere month since the book release, he's persuaded/motivated untold numbers of people to completely alter their diet and exercise regimens.

The results?

Well, some people are all geeked up about losing 8-10 lbs...

And some others are waxing ornery. There are several people who claim they've adhered to his brutally bland no carb, no fruit, no sugar diet and haven't lost a single pound!


Sorry, but it's funny.

One guy in particular said that both he and his life partner went on the diet; that NEITHER of them has lost weight; that both of them have lost their *libido*; and that, as to be expected, crankiness is in the air!

Anyways eventually I chatted up the dude at the pool to get his thoughts on the book. But get this - lo and behold, only 1 minute into our dialogue and another topless guy next to us held up what he was reading, Tim Ferriss' other book - The 4-Hour Workweek! (For my summary - click here.)

Like him or not, one has to admit that Tim Ferriss is a bit of a demigod at the moment.

You haters will appreciate this.


Anne Galivan said...

All I can say is, "Go Penelope!" She has possibly made me a fan (of hers) for life.

Tim Ferriss is a narcissist and I've had enough experience with narcissists in my life to know I don't want to read a book written by one.

One of the few areas where we part ways, CNut. It was bound to happen.

CaptiousNut said...


What did you think of the 4-Hour Workweek?

It's an amazing book, quite frankly.

Jesus hung with sinners, lepers, and tax collectors, didn't he?