Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rush Limbaugh - Fat & Lazy?

So Rush Limbaugh is on Golf Channel these days. He's world class instructor Hank Haney's latest *project*. Watch the preview clip.

I caught about 10 seconds of it the other night...

Hank said he was having trouble trying to get Rush to do some *exercise*. Hank wanted Rush to spend some time at the driving range beating balls but it was wearing Limbaugh out.

Rush not only asserted that he never goes to the driving range, EVER, but also that supposedly *never exercises*.

Say what?!


I don't care what anyone else might think - in my book only a complete Moron would *never exercise*.

Years ago I once heard Limbaugh pontificating on the radio about weight loss. He, fresh off (temporarily) losing a few lbs. was asserting that *diet* was the only way to lose weight; that one couldn't exercise enough to burn the necessary calories.

Over the years I'd say he's hardly the first overweight person I've heard promulgate that BS.

Fat AND lazy....a lethal, self-perpetuating combo!


Anonymous said...

Rush is probably right. Check out Gary Taubes or Mike Eades MD on this. I believe Ferriss cites them in his book. Exercise, in my opinion,has many biochemical benefits, can help you feel better and continue to do things you like. But don't count on it to lose weight.


CaptiousNut said...


Look, some people have gland problems(?) or bad genes (my chunky cousin's BS excuse) which case there seems to be a ceiling to what they can do by conventional means.

But the guy is heavy and doesn't exercise at all, apparently. Until he *goes for a run* he doesn't have the right to vilify the obvious. Again, I've seen too many people like him. There're just physically lazy.

I bet Rush doesn't see 75 years of age - just a hunch.

Anne Galivan said...

I agree that "not exercising" is not a plan...for anything.

But I do agree that exercising is not about losing weight - it is about fitness.

You have to realize CNut that you are still relatively young. (Also you may have a fairly high metabolism, as does my oldest son...he has to WORK to gain weight.) When you are young exercise is a lot more effective at losing weight. After about age 35 - especially for women - exercise no longer cuts it.

I started working out a couple of years ago when I found I literally could not walk up more than a couple flights of stairs. As in, my legs wouldn't move. I can't do cardio because of problems with my adrenal glands, but I found DVD's that strengthen and tone through exercising with hand weights. It worked at getting me fit and strong but I lost only two pounds of the 20 I wanted to lose.

A year ago I found "The Diet Doc's Guide to Permanent Weight Loss" which focuses on balancing protein, carbs and fat. Reading the book and trying the plan I found I was, like most Americans, eating way too many carbs and not getting enough protein. Since then, I have lost over 15 pounds, fit back in a size 6 for the first time in 20 years, and I actually enjoy cooking again.

I think all men and women should work out - it staves off so many of the "common" problems of old age. But you have to be convinced of the need for yourself. Personally, I like being able to enjoy clothes-shopping again.

CaptiousNut said...


Was your last sentence a pointed jest?

Was it an allusion to a prior post of mine?