Monday, January 03, 2011

A Large, Devilish Vocabulary

So my son , the 38 lb 6.12 year old Prince, was wrestling with one of my extremely obese cousins (a medical professional!) during Christmas-related festivities.

In one particular move, my cousin cruelly rolled the full burden of his corpulence on top of my little guy. The Prince screamed, jumped out, and hollered with a pointed finger, "YOU FIEND!"

Hah! Only a couple of people in the room were familiar with the term fiend ("devil, demon").

But I guess that's to be expected when - with no color TV or video games available - a kid reads science fiction and fantasy books all day long.

Just before Christmas he read THREE Charlie Bone books - a jaw-dropping total of 1,200 pages - in a 10 day period.


Anne Galivan said...

Creepy picture dude. :P

My 8-year old the other day told me he was building a "prototype."

My daughter overheard and said to me, "how many 8-year olds use the word 'prototype?'" I'm guessing not many. He has always had a great vocabulary, but then he's always been fascinated with words, literally since he was a toddler.

Mark said...

come on.. just a little bit "big boned"
but definitely a fiend
I should have casted a spell on your little tyke

CaptiousNut said...

Shoot, I should have said *extremely well-marbled*!

That's one of my favorite original expressions.

Can't believe I forgot about that line.

But that's what happens when one is brimming with humor...