Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Was I Riding The Bus?

Some 'old coot' I know via golf proudly told me recently how many *broads he used to get*.

He informed me that he rode a bike (Harley?) and was in a *gang*.

Yeah, so what?

He told me that he used to ride down the streets of Philadelphia and women would flag him down, and jump on back.


OldCootBiker - Because girls love guys who ride motorcycles...

CaptiousNut - Why???

He was looking at me now - like I was a Moron!

OldCootBiker - I don't know but they always have. Not for anything I was a good looking guy back then too. (Then he mentioned something forgettable about how his *hair* used to be way back when)....Heck our gang found an abandoned building over by the Museum....we threw a bunch of old mattresses in it and used to bring the girls there.

Now when I was younger and more Captious I used to mock and call BS on these types of chest-thumping 'old coot' reminiscences all the time.

But as I'm getting less new myself I've developed a more understanding, a more sympathetic attitude.

As my wife and I love to say, "Let them remember it they way they want to remember it!"

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