Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who Would Want The Napping Dinosaur, Anyway?

What's your policy on advertising the current book you're reading?

I think most people genuinely try to hide the cover of their book lest anyone cast judgment on what they've chosen - heck, even I do that sometimes to forestall questions/conversations from adjacent Morons.

Yet I always crane my neck to see what others are reading!

Some 'old coot' on the beach the other day was reading the above.

I just had to look it up when I got back. Here's the link with explanatory subtitle:

You Can't Have Him, He's Mine: A Woman's Guide to Affair-Proofing Her Relationship

Why the bleep might a sixty-something 'old coot' be reading THAT!

He was either researching *escape strategies*...

OR it might have been one of those classic cases where the 'old bag' wife just grabs one of her cheesy novels or any old book and throws it to her illiterate aliterate husband, imploring him to *read something*. I'm pretty sure this is what my mother does to my old man. He obliges too - reading at about 2 pages per hour through his closed eye-lids.

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